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Dominican Republic

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Central and South America

The Dominican Republic is situated on the Caribbean island of Hispaniola, which it shares with the Republic of Haiti. The country is vulnerable to damage from hurricanes between June and November each year.

Plan has been in the Dominican Republic since 1987 and currently works with about 300 communities, reaching out to more than 200,000 people across five provinces of the country.

    Plan Dominican Republic Country Director
    “The country’s economy continues to expand, but this growth often is not felt at individual family or community level. Plan has been working in the Dominican Republic to ensure that 4% of the GDP is assigned to education” Brechtje Van Lith, Country Director, Plan Dominican Republic.

Plan’s cross-border programme with Haiti is improving relations between the two countries and we are working to promote tolerance and eliminate discrimination against Dominicans of Haitian descent.

Standards of education are poor and one child in five does not attend school at all. In addition, waterborne diseases, malnutrition and child pregnancy are common issues in the Dominican Republic. Plan is working to ensure that all young people have access to quality education and healthcare.

We are also supporting the Dominican government, charities and community groups to do more to address the needs of children and keep them safe from harm.  Part of this work revolves around ensuring that young people have opportunities to influence key decisions that affect their lives.

Recent highlights of Plan’s work:

  • 85 percent of children taking part in programmes to improve reading, writing and maths moved up to the next class at school
  • Trained community workers in 114 communities on health, nutrition and early childhood development, resulting in 80 percent of children showing significant improvements in height, weight, and development
  • 65 youth groups, involving 1,500 young people, each developed an action plan for youth issues in their community
  • 9,000 children from 30 schools took part in Learn Without Fear camps focused on creating a culture of non-violence in schools
  • Reducing risks and saving lives
    Plan has been helping communities reduce the risks posed by natural disasters for many years. One girl, Cristina, has become a champion for disaster preparation in her community, spreading the word on what to do to keep safe.
  • Helping families after Hurricane Sandy
    Hurricane Sandy hit the Dominican Republic in October 2012 bringing heavy rains and causing flooding in many areas. Plan launched a six-month project to help families recover.
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