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Central and South America

Cameroon is very densely populated, with a population of over 19 million people – almost half of which are children. Even though it is rich in oil, cocoa, coffee and cotton, one third of all people in Cameroon live in extreme poverty.

Plan Cameroon Country Director
“Plan is working closely with more than 700 of the poorest communities in Cameroon to make sure children enjoy a more promising future.” Barro Famari, Country Director, Plan Cameroon

Since 1996 Plan has supported over 22,000 sponsored children in three provinces of Cameroon. We currently work with over 350 communities on long-term community development projects.

Plan is working with mothers to make sure they have healthy and safe pregnancies, and providing on-going support to families, to ensure children get the care they need growing up.  Our children’s centres provide healthcare and early education, to help young people get a better start in life.

We are also connecting families and schools to clean water and raising awareness of the benefits of good hygiene and sanitation.

By supporting schools to improve their facilities and teaching, Plan is helping to increase the number of children who finish their primary education. We are working to reduce violence and bullying in schools, to make them safe and stimulating places to learn.

We are also working with families to make a long lasting improvement to their household income, by supporting them to establish savings and loan groups in their community.

Recent highlights of Plan’s work:

  • Helped to distribute more than 8.6 million bed nets treated with insecticide to help families protect their children from malaria
  • Supported more than 2,800 children to celebrate the Day of the African Child on 16 June, promoting respect, dignity and protection for children with disabilities
  • Enabled more than 6,800 people to take part in savings and loans associations, starting small enterprises and building their incomes to benefit their children’s education

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