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Where we work

Plan works with children and their communities in 50 countries worldwide. Find out more.


The Americas





  • Where we work across a broad range of issues affecting children and communities.
  • Where and how we work in order to support and rebuild communities in response to disasters.
  • Where sponsorship money goes to and how it is used to improve the lives of children worldwide.
  • Where we undertake programmes globally to help transform the lives of children and communities and provide long-term benefits.
  • Where and how the Girls Fund supports long-term projects to help transform and empower the lives of girls.
  • Where we work to support and protect highly vulnerable and marginalised children.
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Central and South America

The plan

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    1 sponsor: 1 child and their community building a better future
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Latest News
  • Plan is supporting 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence, which starts today, through Face Up and the Because I am a Girl campaign.
  • The Game of Thrones star has lent her face to Plan's Face Up campaign, putting girls' rights where they can't be ignored. But who is the real Lena Headey?
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