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Help End Child Marriage With These Wedding Favours

A child bride
The choice to marry who, when and if you want is a human right. But every 2 seconds, a girl, often as young as 14, is refused that right and forced into marriage.

As a bride-to-be who has the choice, we’re asking one small favour – help us end child marriage by ordering our end child marriage rings as unique wedding favours.

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By ordering our end child marriage rings you’ll be supporting our work to end child marriage across Africa, Asia and the Americas. Last year, our advocacy efforts helped to ensure that Guatemala rose the age of marriage from 14 to 18.

Each ring is inscribed with the words ‘end child marriage’ and comes in a choice of three box colours, which you can personalise to suit your wedding. Each box will contain a concertina that will encourage your guests to WEAR IT. END IT. SHARE IT.

Plan's end child marriage wedding favours
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Alternatively, simply call 0300 777 9777 to order your end child marriage wedding favours now.

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Help us ensure that every girl around the world marries out of choice.

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