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Help families make a living

Plan’s Enterprise Scheme helps people get the funding and skills they need to create a successful small business and lift themselves out of poverty.

Donate to the Plan Enterprise Scheme.

The people we work with want to be independent and self-sufficient, to feed and clothe their families and send their children to school. Like people everywhere, they want to make the very best of themselves and give their children every opportunity to do the same.

But starting a small business in these deprived communities is hard. The banks can be far away and the minimum business loans are often more than they need and much more than they could ever afford to repay.

Working their way out of poverty

Our Plan Enterprise Scheme helps people use their entrepreneurial spirit and drive to work their way out of poverty.

In collaboration with local partners, we work with communities to set up small savings and loans schemes and provide simple training in literacy, numeracy and small business management skills.

This initial funding and training are often all people need to turn their talent and enthusiasm into a successful small business.

We are working to expand the scheme in Zambia, Haiti and Nepal to help more people start a business and earn a living.

Donate to the Plan Enterprise Scheme.

  • Marie Jean's story
    In Haiti, as well as growing her business Marie Jean is learning to read and write and is proud to be able to sign her name.
  • Shobha's story
    In Nepal, Shobha's sewing business has enabled her to escape the dangers of sexual exploitation and human trafficking.
  • Tasila's Story
    In Zambia, Tasila 's successful business venture has helped her to provide for herself and her aunt.
The plan

help families get the funding and the skills to create a successful small business


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    Families lift themselves out of poverty
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