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India: Enriching children's lives in Mumbai's slums

A girl holds her younger sister outside their shanty town home.India's rapid growth has meant rapid urbanisation with thousands moving to cities to find a better life. However many end up living in crowded slums earning a wage that is insufficient for their families' needs. Living conditions within the slums are overcrowded and lack basic facilities like water and sanitation.

A lack of education facilities means that some children (more than 80 percent of under 18s) do not go to school - and can be forced into child labour. Children born in slums often do not have a birth certificate and without this they cannot access healthcare, education or exert their human rights.

A Plan-supported project will take place in the Garib Nagar and Behrampada slums in Central Mumbai. It aims to address health, education, protection and water and sanitation in an integrated way.

Activities will be designed with the children and community to find the most effective solutions to the specific problems they face.

Potential activities include setting up pre-schools, helping children into public schools, training children and adults on good hygiene and sanitation, raising awareness on the importance of children's rights and working with local police and healthcare workers to improve services.

The team behind Oscar winning movie Slumdog Millionaire have pledged to offer support to the project.

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Enriching lives in Mumbai slums
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