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Leave a legacy

Wanting children to grow up healthy, go to school and to build a good life is what motivates thousands of people to support Plan. Sponsoring a child is a fantastic way to do just this.

But the single biggest thing that many Plan supporters ever do for the world's poorest children is to leave a gift in their will.

‘A legacy to Plan is our way of giving something back for everything we've received in our lives’ Sheila and Andrew Stevens, Plan sponsors from Cheshire

Your legacy for the future

A legacy from you could transform thousands of lives in decades to come. Your gift could not only pay for a new school or health centre to be built, but could also provide scholarships for children from the poorest families and training for teachers and health workers.

We work with communities to ensure your gift benefits them well into the future.

Every gift in every will, however big or small, makes a very real difference. And when you leave a legacy to Plan, you can decide the country or type of project where your money will be spent. We always do our best to follow your wishes.

Our personal approach

We understand that making a will is a sensitive, personal business. Sophia Stylianou, our Legacy Adviser, can talk you through every stage – simply call 020 3217 0215. We promise your enquiry will be dealt with in a friendly, discreet and respectful way.

The plan

commemorate the life of a loved one and support our vital work


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    28.1 million children benefit from Plan's work across the world
Latest News
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