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Our global programme

Plan's global programme

Plan UK prioritises the rights of adolescent girls and responding to and preparing for disasters, and we also contribute to Plan’s global work, including health, sexual and reproductive health, education, water and sanitation, economic security, child protection and child participation.

  • Health
    We work to ensure children’s survival, protection and healthy development. Plan’s health programmes help to save the lives of thousands of children every year.
  • Sexual and reproductive health and rights
    We help communities to access sexual and reproductive health services, including contraception and maternity care. We help people living with HIV and AIDS to get treatment and care and promote changes.
  • Education
    We improve access to good quality education and vocational training for children, young people and adults, and promote better care and development for the very young.
  • Water and sanitation
    We work with communities to provide access to safe drinking water and to raise awareness of the importance of sanitation.
  • Economic security
    Working to break the cycle of poverty. Plan works with poor families to help build their economic security. Find out more about Plan’s work.
  • Child protection
    Plan works with marginalised, socially-excluded groups, whose rights are systematically violated, and whose living conditions make them the most vulnerable.
  • Child participation and governance
    Plan believes that young people’s participation is vital. Learning how to participate as citizens builds young people’s skills today, and lays the foundations for good governance in the future.
Latest News
  • In some parts of Benin, children that are allegedly possessed by spirits are sent to voodoo convents. Their names are changed and they have to perform rituals every day. This can go on for up to eight years, meaning when they leave they've missed out on education
  • The average woman menstruates for 3,000 days during her life time. Since menstruation is such a big part of a woman’s life you’d expect menstruation to be considered normal and natural. But this really isn’t the case for millions of women in developing nations. This infographic shows the stigma girls and women face every day just for having a period.

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