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Thousands of people are dying trying to flee desperate circumstances in Syria. Help us get life-saving aid to people fleeing Syria’s brutal conflict.
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    Help thousands of children and families affected by the Syrian refugee crisis

Refugee Crisis Appeal

The five-year-long Syrian civil war has triggered a massive humanitarian crisis with four million people fleeing the country, seeking refuge in neighbouring countries and across Europe. A quarter of those seeking refuge in Europe are children.

More than 300,000 people have risked their lives trying to cross the Mediterranean Sea this year and at least 2,600 have died in the attempt.

We urgently need your help to get life-saving aid to people fleeing Syria’s brutal conflict. Please donate now.

Donate to the Refugee Crisis Appeal now

With nowhere else to go, desperate families are heading to Europe, causing the continent’s worst refugee crisis since the Second World War. Those children who survive the perilous journey arrive physically and mentally exhausted. Due to their age and vulnerability, children continue to face extreme challenges once they settle into safer grounds; the displacement has severe impacts on their health, education, and wellbeing.

In Egypt, Plan is currently helping Syrian refugee children and their families with child protection, education and psychosocial needs. We’re also hoping to renovate and furnish 40 public schools, besides providing other educational services, in Greater Cairo, Alexandria and Damietta, for Syrian refugee children. This would benefit nearly 60,000 Syrian and Egyptian children over the next two years.

Plan is also working in Syria, Lebanon and Iraq. Since 2013, in Syria, we have helped 9,629 people through education and training programmes and psychological and rehabilitation support.

We need to urgently upscale our response. Please donate now, so we can help even more refugees.  

Donate to the Refugee Crisis Appeal now

Syrian Refugee Crisis Updates:

Update 08/09/15: A Syrian Refugee Adjusting to Life in Egypt
Syrian refugee children in Egypt are living a life of misery, despair and challenging school conditions. Arjimand Hussain, Emergency Response Manager for Plan International, speaks to 11 year-old Syrian refugee Nadia.

Update 09/08/16: The Forgotten Syrian Refugee Crisis in Egypt
As public pressure to support Syrian refugees ramps up we turn our attention to the Syrian refugees living in and fleeing Egypt and highlight one of the projects that we’re working on to help the situation.Here's how you can help.

Update 03/09/15: Syrian Refugee Crisis – Time For Action
Thousands of people are desperately fleeing unimaginable circumstances in Syria and other conflict-ravaged parts of the world. We outline what we’re calling on the UK and other EU countries to do.

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