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The plan
to support the world’s biggest campaign for girls' rights
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    Protect millions of girls from violence and give them the freedom to fulfil their potential
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Help end child marriage and keep girls in school

Aneni was just a child when she was forced to marry a stranger, shattering all her dreams for the future. By 12, Aneni had given birth to her first child. Every 2 seconds a girl like Aneni is forced or coerced to marry – some as young as five years old. This can end their chance of completing their education and put them at greater risk of isolation, violence and death in childbirth. 

No girl should be forced or coerced to marry. Every girl should have the opportunity to complete her education and make choices about her future. With education, skills and the right support, girls can transform their lives and the world around them.

  • We are calling on the UK Government to lead further vital action to end early and forced marriage.
  • How does early and forced marriage affect the lives of girls - See the facts
  • Take the vow to end early and forced marriage
  • Ten million girls under the age of 18 marry each year. Read stories from around the world.
  • View and download our research reports and resources relating to girls rights
  • See how Plan's projects are helping girls escape early and forced marriage and complete their education
To protect the identity of the child in this story, name and picture have been changed - in accordance with our Child Protection policy’
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