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The plan

to help ensure girls are kept out of forced marriage and in school

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    Just £5 per month can help girls get an education and fulfil their potential
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Millions of girls are denied access to education. Girls are forced into marriage, suffer abuse and discrimination, and don’t have the same choices and opportunities that boys and men have.

As part of our Because I am a Girl campaign, Plan UK’s Girls Fund supports girls living in poverty around the world. We help girls to claim their rights and access life-changing education. With your generous support we can keep delivering practical solutions that help girls build themselves a better future.

£5 per month could train community workers in Bangladesh to register births, meaning girls can prove their age and claim their rights

£10 per month could provide a year’s school fees and study materials for a girl in Uganda

£96 could provide a three month scholarship to a girl in El Salvador that will equip her with the skills to earn her own income

Join us in supporting millions of girls to be all that they can be by giving a one-off or monthly donation.

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