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Sponsor a Girl

When you sponsor a girl with Plan, you will help to make a tangible difference and effect real change for girls’ lives around the world.

Your support will help girls to achieve their ambitions, break cycles of poverty and address inequalities for all children. Start your sponsorship journey today.

How sponsorship works


For only 64p a day you can start changing lives by sponsoring a girl.

Sponsor a boy or a girl

You can choose her age group and which country she is from.

Exchange letters and photos

You will be her only sponsor. You can build a relationship through exchanging letters and photos and seeing her progress.

help entire communities

Your sponsorship not only changes one girl's life, but an entire community by helping them to work their way out of poverty.

Sponsor a girl with Plan and see first-hand the difference you're helping to make.


Sponsor a Girl today

Read inspirational stories from sponsored girls around the world

From a girl's perspective - see how the issues we are tackling affect the lives of millions of girls.


Sponsor a girl today
Sponsorship frequently asked questions .

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