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Mass Construction - the power of girls education


We know that girls are the key to solving world poverty. They have the power to free themselves and their communities from poverty with education and the right support. Our ‘Because I Am A Girl’ campaign aims to support four million girls to stay in education and fulfil their potential.

As you’ll see in the video above, the commercial shows an African school girl falling through the sky like a missile towards a poor African town. Her impact on the town creates a powerful shockwave that ripples out from her across the landscape. Rather than causing destruction, it constructs: building schools, hospitals and a thriving town around her.

Construction not destruction

Agency Leo Burnett London developed the commercial, called ‘Mass Construction’. Justin Tindall, Executive Creative Director at Leo Burnett Group, says, “Poverty often feels like an insurmountable problem and because we don’t know where to start, we simply don’t. The fact that Plan know that girls are the best place to start is so simple and arresting that it demanded a narrative to make people really stop and think about the possibility”.

For each year a girl stays in school her income rises by up to 20 per cent. It means she can support herself, her family and invest her earnings back into her community, who’ll go on to do the same, generation after generation. She helps everyone, creating a virtuous circle where entire communities break the cycle of poverty.

How the film was made

You can also watch a film about the making of the commercial - in which Plan UK's Head of Communications talks about our campaign for girls education.

Find out more about our Because I Am A Girl campaign.

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