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‘Only girls allowed'


Plan UK’s Because I am a Girl campaign, which highlights the plight of the world’s poorest girls, has launched a ground-breaking interactive ad on a bus stop in Oxford Street.

The advert uses facial recognition software with an HD camera to determine whether a man or woman is standing in front of the screen, and shows different content accordingly.

Passing shoppers can opt-in to view the ad and find out more about Plan’s work to help some of the world’s poorest girls. Men and boys are denied the choice to view the full content in order to highlight the fact that women and girls across the world are denied choices and opportunities on a daily basis due to poverty and discrimination.

Plan UK appear on BBC Radio 5 to
discuss the campaign

Plan’s Because I am a Girl campaign aims to ensure that all girls can live safe from violence, go to school, marry who they want, when they want and have their voices heard.

Currently, 75 million girls around the world are being denied the right to an education; every year 10 million girls in developing countries are coerced or forced into marriage under the age of 18, with thousands of girls each year giving birth when they are still children themselves.

A 40-second Choices for Girls advert showcases three 13 year old girls: Jasmine from the UK, Bintou from Mali and Sur from Thailand.

The girls' voices are intercut with everyday footage of their lives, revealing the three teens’ hopes and dreams and highlighting the choices that many girls are denied in developing countries.

Ground-breaking technology

The technology behind the advert is a UK first in interactive advertising, amalgamating facial recognition, touch screen and sound.

Neil Chapman, Group Head of Clear Channel, says: “We are delighted to be working on such an innovative and important project as the ‘Because I am a Girl’ opt-in ad campaign for Plan UK. It highlights important issues about the lack of choices girls face around the world and we hope our gender recognition solution can help raise awareness of them.

"The technology is part of an overall solution which is the most advanced yet to be used in out-of-home advertising, incorporating a sophisticated multi-touch screen, wide angle HD camera and 3D depth sensor. It’s like a giant iPad crossed with an Xbox Kinect. Using the screen, brands can encourage consumers to view, browse, create, share and download HD content, connect to social media, interact via the touchscreen or gesture, and even star in the ads using augmented reality.”

The choice for education

An image from the campaign video shows Sur from Thailand“Millions of girls across the globe are being denied the right and choice to have an education. This ad is a deliberate attempt to raise public debate on this issue. Plan’s Because I am a Girl campaign works with women and men, girls and boys, to challenge the discrimination that girls face as a result of their sex. We work to challenge negative stereotypes.” says Plan UK CEO Marie Staunton.

“If girls like Bintou and Sur had the same choices as girls like Jasmine in the UK they’d be more likely to stay in school and have greater choice and opportunity in the future.”

“Although we’re not giving men and boys the choice to see the full ad on this occasion – so we get a glimpse of what it’s like to have basic choices taken away – boys and men play a vital role in helping girls to be all they can be. Men and boys are also invited to join ‘the Plan’ to give girls choices. We look forward to hearing the public’s thoughts at #choicesforgirls.” adds Ms Staunton.

The gender facial recognition advert will be trialled at an Oxford Street bus stop opposite Selfridges for a two-week period.

Join the Because I am a Girl campaign, the world's biggest campaign for girls' rights.


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