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Child sponsorship: an unforgettable experience for Miriam Stoppard


Miriam Stoppard, doctor, author, writer, and child sponsor recently made an emotional trip to meet one of seven children she sponsors with Plan UK.

Dr Miriam Stoppard with her sponsored child MarianaKnown to millions as an authority on parenting, child care, women’s health, and many other health issues, Dr Stoppard has been sponsoring children with Plan UK for over 30 years and in that time she has sponsored almost 30 children across three continents.  

In October Miriam travelled 5,000 miles to a remote community in Cartagena, northern Colombia, to spend a day with 5-year-old Mariana and her family to see first-hand how her regular donations have had an impact on impacted the life of her sponsored child and on her community.

Meeting her sponsored child

Through child sponsorship, sponsors like Miriam receive regular updates from their sponsored child and keep in touch by writing letters back. Over time, sponsors build a unique connection, they watch their sponsored child grow and see how their support is helping to transform their life and the lives of those around them.

Miriam Stoppard visiting Mariana's school, her sponsored child, in Colombia“I’ve been writing to Mariana and following her progress since she was a baby, so I’d imagined many times how it might feel to meet her. I was overwhelmed when I stepped out of the truck and she rushed towards me leaping into my arms. It was a poignant moment.

Child sponsors contributions fund community projects such as schools, healthcare, clean water and clinics, helping all the children in the community of their sponsored child.

“Mariana lives in a house with no sewerage and just earth floors, and goes to a school with few facilities, but Plan is making a difference to Mariana’s future by allowing her to go to school and have the books that we might take for granted here. She told me she wants to be a doctor. I realised that with Plan and Mariana’s self-confidence, that dream could come true.

Child sponsorship transforms lives

“Through sponsorship you not only change the life of a needy child, but also her family and her community,” Miriam continues. “It’s about transforming children’s lives: breaking the poverty cycle; opening up their options; widening their horizons and giving them a chance for a better life.”

You can sponsor a child too

One in five children born in the poorest countries won’t live to see their fifth birthday. But we have a plan to change things.

For just 50 pence a day you’ll share a personal connection with a child in one of the 50 developing countries in which Plan works. You’ll get letters and pictures direct from the child you sponsor, plus reports showing you exactly how your donations are improving their lives.

Join Miriam and over 1 million sponsors worldwide. Sponsor a child today and you’ll become part of that very special plan.

About child sponsorship with Plan UK

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