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News and Features

Read the latest news from Plan's world, including updates on emergencies and our disaster relief work, campaigning and advocacy successes in child rights, fundraising activities and UK events.
  • Transparency at Plan UK
    Transparency about where money is spent is vital, but it doesn't always get the attention it deserves, so we thought we'd provide a run-down of what we do in the area.
    News - 25.08.15
  • World Humanitarian Day: supporting 'invisible' disasters
    Not all humanitarian crises make the news, but for those that don’t attract the media attention, finding the funding needed to help those in most need is essential.
    News - 18.08.15
  • Nepal: The long road to recovery 3 months on
    Three months on since the first earthquake struck Nepal we take a look at our relief efforts to help rebuild Nepal and get children back to school.
    News - 24.07.15
  • 3 ways you can help stop FGM and ‘cutting season’
    ‘Cutting season’ sees girls from the UK being taken abroad to undergo FGM. Discover 3 ways you can help stop FGM.
    News - 22.07.15
  • How ‘cutting season’ keeps FGM in the UK hidden
    ‘Cutting season’ keeps FGM in the UK hidden. It’s a serious issue. Find out what ‘cutting season’ is and what can be done about it.
    News - 21.07.15
  • #ThankstoMalala: Top 3 ways Malala has changed the world
    #ThanksToMalala so much has been achieved for girls and young people around the world. Help us celebrate her 18th birthday by sharing her three greatest achievements.
    News - 10.07.15
  • Education helps Nepal’s children recover from disaster
    Education is one of the major casualties in all disasters. The schools of more than 1 million children in Nepal were destroyed by the Nepal earthquakes. We take a look at how temporary schools are helping children in Nepal to recover from the earthquake.
    News - 09.07.15
  • Gender inequality and disasters: the reality
    During times of disaster and conflict, women and girls bear the brunt of the crisis due to pre-existing gender inequality – such as discrimination, violence and exclusion. We look at the biggest risks facing women and girls in Nepal in the aftermath of the earthquake.
    News - 03.07.15
  • Top 10 Instagram posts helping to #EndChildMarriage
    Since our campaign to #EndChildMarriage launched in March, hundreds of supporters have taken to the best selfie app, Instagram, to give child marriage the finger in a variety of creative ways! We’ve chosen our 10 favourites.
    News - 01.07.15
  • In photos: Life inside Tanzania’s refugee camps
    Around 307 refugees are crossing the border from Burundi to Tanzania every day. The influx of refugees taking shelter in Tanzania’s refugee camps has led to many problems including overcrowding, child protection, sanitation, gender based violence and psychological trauma. Here’s a snapshot of the problems Plan's emergency response team in Tanzania is working to address.
    News - 30.06.15
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