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Youth engagement and the post-MDG agenda

Guest bloggers - 07.11.12

katie washingtonKatie Washington is currently in Plan UK's youth engagement team and was previously part of the youth advisory panel.

On Friday 2nd October 2012, the UN High Level Panel met with the private sector, the civil sector and young people to discuss the post-Millennium Development Goal agenda.

The UN High Level Panel is governing the world’s process in developing a global framework which will build on the successes and failures of the Millennium Development Goals. The November 2012 London meeting is one of the first steps in this process.

Along with 23 other young leaders, I was invited to engage with the UN High Level Panel as a youth participant representing Plan UK. With the risk of sounding melodramatic – I am not ashamed to say that it was one of the most inspirational and empowering experiences I am yet to have. Not because of the ‘eminent’ and influential people who make up the High Level Panel but because I have never felt prouder to be part of this “restless” generation and other young people I was working with.

Youth engagement and post-MDGsThis type of High Level youth consultation is the first of its kind and without doubt, I think we can conclude that we made our collective youth voice heard and can only hope that more consultations like this will shortly follow.
During the session, I sat between HM Queen Rania al Abdullah of Jordan and USA Representative John Podesta whilst sharing the table with youth representative Edith from Nigeria, Andrew from the USA, and Ravi from India. The youth session was also attended by Graça Machal, Gunilla Carlsson, Amina Az-Zubar, and more.

Through the sharing of youth interventions and personal experiences, we debated with the UN High Level Panel on why the post-2015 framework needs to include a dimension of youth-led development and how to ensure young people can be consulted and further included in the process of developing the agenda.

The full outcomes and recommendations of our discussion are going to be drawn into a paper by Restless Development and will exist as an appendix to the UN High Level Panel’s final report which is due to be delivered in May 2013. However, to summarise, the UN High Level Panel concluded the following:

  1. Young people should and need to be included in all post-2015 agenda-setting discussions.
  2. A need for emphasis of the potential of youth and the facilitation of a space for youth to make valuable contributions
  3. Young people want to bear the burden of development; we want to be held accountable so decisions need to be made about the most effective way to foster this.
  4. Young people are in control of their own destiny and therefore should be at the heart of the post-2015 framework
  5. We need to breakdown the stereotypes and stigma around youth representing social-unrest. We need to build up the idea and reality of youth being the solution.
  6. If youth participation in the post-2015 agenda is to be valued and non-tokenistic, world leaders and young people both need to commit for the long run. 

I want to conclude with a comment made by one of our High Level Panel members, regarding the strength and importance of youth participation and inclusion in the development of the post-2015 framework: “Youth are too plentiful and powerful to be excluded…in terms of population, there is China…then there is India…and then there is Facebook…you are the third biggest country and therefore a reason not to be ignored”.

Katie Washington

*Please note that this is only a summary of the conclusions from our discussions today and does not directly represent the opinion of individual UN High Level Panel Members present.

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