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News and Blogs

  • Six Girls Speak Out: Violence at School
    Six girls from six countries speak out about their experiences of sexual violence in school.
    News - 25-Sep-15
  • The Ebola Epidemic: Your Donations in Numbers
    Ebola has devastated Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia over the past one and a half years. The epidemic, so far, has claimed over 11,000 lives and has left 18,000 children in West Africa without one or both parents. But thanks to your generous donations, the lives of those affected by the Ebola are slowly starting to look forward.
    News - 15-Sep-15
  • 5 Reasons Why the Chelsea Football Club Partnership Is a Game Changer for Plan
    We are thrilled to announce that Plan International is the new Global Charity Partner of Chelsea Football Club. Here are the top 5 reasons why we’re excited about the new partnership.
    News - 14-Sep-15
  • What Stops a Girl from Going to School?
    There are many barriers that stop girls from getting an education. Here, we explain six of the biggest barriers to a girls’ education in the infographic below.
    News - 09-Sep-15
  • The Forgotten Syrian Refugee Crisis in Egypt
    As public pressure to support Syrian refugees ramps up we turn our attention to the Syrian refugees living in and fleeing Egypt and highlight one of the projects that we’re working on to help the situation. Here's how you can help.
    News - 08-Sep-15
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