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News and Blogs

  • All aboard the school on wheels!
    If the children can't go to school, the school will come to the children. An innovative and practical project funded by Plan International, School On Wheels, travels around Mumbai in India offering working children a chance to learn.
    News - 02-Sep-15
  • Transparency at Plan UK
    Transparency about where money is spent is vital, but it doesn't always get the attention it deserves, so we thought we'd provide a run-down of what we do in the area.
    News - 25-Aug-15
  • World Humanitarian Day: supporting 'invisible' disasters
    Not all humanitarian crises make the news, but for those that don’t attract the media attention, finding the funding needed to help those in most need is essential.
    News - 18-Aug-15
  • Nepal: The long road to recovery 3 months on
    Three months on since the first earthquake struck Nepal we take a look at our relief efforts to help rebuild Nepal and get children back to school.
    News - 24-Jul-15
  • 3 ways you can help stop FGM and ‘cutting season’
    ‘Cutting season’ sees girls from the UK being taken abroad to undergo FGM. Discover 3 ways you can help stop FGM.
    News - 22-Jul-15
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