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  • Let’s talk about that ‘time of the month’ on Menstrual Hygiene Day
    Menstruation. It’s hardly the dinner table talking point. In fact, it’s something many people shy away from or go rosy in the cheeks at the slightest mention. But here at Plan, we’re here to break that taboo because menstruation matters. Menstruation has massive implications on the well-being of women and adolescent girls all over the world. In fact, it has affects women and adolescent girls around 3,500 days of their lifetime.
    News - 28-May-15
  • Photo story: My first period
    Confined in doors for seven days, banned from using salt in food and missed school classes. Here, nine girls from across world bravely open up about the stigmas and difficulties they faced when they got their first period. Child rights organisation Plan International is working in communities across Asia and Africa to ensure young girls are educated on how to manage their menstrual hygiene. Why? Because menstruation matters. Period.
    News - 27-May-15
  • Rebuilding Nepal: What you’ve helped us achieve so far
    Monday 25 May marks one month since a terrifying 7.8-magnitude earthquake killed over 8,000 people and left many more homeless without access to shelter, food or water. Take a look at the infographic that shows what you’ve helped us deliver so far.
    News - 22-May-15
  • Nepal: Children living in fear
    When a powerful earthquake rocked the ground of Nepal on April 25 – and again on May 12 – it was a profoundly frightening experience for everyone. Buildings crumbled as the earth swayed and countless thousands ran for their lives and into the relative safety of the streets.
    News - 22-May-15
  • School with the chance of drowning
    After a recent trip to conduct school hazard assessments in Cambodia, Plan UK’s Chloe Dessemond shares the stories of two children who face daily dangers on their way to school.
    News - 19-May-15
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