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Give child marriage the finger

It is every girl’s right to choose if, who and when they marry. Yet every day, 41,000 girls are forced into child marriage.

These girls are taken out of school and can face a life of isolation and even abuse. Thousands will die in childbirth or suffer horribly as a result of falling pregnant before their bodies are ready.

Donate £5 to help Plan end child marriage across the globe.

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"Marriage happened when I was just 13 years old. I has no-one to support me."
Get the ring

Solidarity RingWedding rings are a symbol of love and unity. But girls who are subjected to child marriage face a life of isolation; they are denied their rights, their choices and their freedom. 

When you donate, we’ll send you an exclusive ring as a thank you. Wear this ring and show your support for child brides and girls at risk of child marriage.

Wear it. Share it. End it.

Give child marriage the finger, take a selfie and share it online: #endchildmarriage

The ring is part of Plan’s Because I am a Girl campaign, the world’s biggest campaign for girls’ rights. Donations to the campaign support Plan’s Girls Fund, which funds projects that prevent child marriage and give girls access to education, health information and vital services. Find out more about what we do

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*Some photos are for representation purposes only, and some names may have been changed for reasons of child protection and confidentiality.
Terms and conditions apply.

Solidarity Ring FAQs
What is the ring campaign? It's part of Plan UK’s Because I am a Girl campaign – the world’s biggest girls’ rights campaign...
What will it achieve? It will raise awareness and help to fund Plan’s global programmes that help child brides and girls at risk of child marriage.
Why does child marriage happen? Child marriage is caused by a combination of poverty, gender inequality and a lack of protection for children’s rights.


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