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Help Girls Learn Without Fear


For millions of girls around the world, the right to a good quality education and to a life free from violence is being denied. School should be a safe place, a place to learn without fear. No girl should have her education stolen from her through abuse.

  • Over a fifth of British women aged 18 and over say they experienced unwanted sexual contact in or around school when they were girls. It’s a global issue: this school year, 246 million children worldwide will be affected by violence at school. Help us put a stop to it.
  • WATCH Sadiki's story and find out what happened when she tried to say no to her teacher.
  • WATCH Lillian's story. She was attacked on her way home from school but after counselling still has hope for the future.

If you are a child affected by bullying or violence, please call ChildLine free on 0800 1111.
If you are concerned about a child’s safety, call the NSPCC’s helpline on 0808 800 5000.

Play the The Lesson - #LearnWithoutFear
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Child marriage is a violation of human rights...
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