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Fundraising and spending

A significant proportion of our income is from supporters who sponsor children. We also receive donations and grants.

Plan UK income 2013/14
  This graphic breaks down Plan UK's total income for the financial year 2013/14.

Our income last year

In the year to 30 June 2014, our total income increased by 19 per cent against the previous year to reach over £60 million for the first time. A significant part of this increase is due to the incredible response to our Typhoon Haiyan appeal, for which we raised £8.7 million from individuals, corporate partners and institutional donors, reflecting the UK public’s confidence in our ability to respond quickly and meaningfully to humanitarian disasters.

Child sponsorship

Sponsorship is central to our work, providing long-term funding for community projects in 50 countries. Last year £18.8 million came from sponsorship. Combined with Gift Aid for all individual givers, this comes to £23.2 million or 37 per cent of our income. A significant proportion of our income is from child sponsorship. Find out more about the difference child sponsorship makes.

Institutional donors

Income from institutional donors was £22.7 million, or 36 per cent of total income in 2014. In addition to the significant funding received in relation to Typhoon Haiyan, income for our development programmes increased significantly.

Other donations and appeals

The funds and support that we receive from individuals and community groups have enabled us to make a difference to more children every year. Our supporters have donated to our emergencies appeals, supported our Girls Fund projects, taken part in challenges and organised events and left us generous legacy bequests. This support represented 16 per cent of our income in 2014.

Corporations, trusts, and major donors

We’ve also continued to benefit from a number of large-scale corporate partnerships and long-term relationships with trusts and major donors, with 10 per cent of our income now coming from this area.

Plan UK expenditure 2013/14
  This graphic illustrates Plan UK's total expenditure for the financial year 2013/14.

How we spend funds

In 2014 85p in every pound of our expenditure was on supporting and delivering our development work to improve the lives of children and communities in the world’s poorest countries. The rest was spent on fundraising to facilitate our development work, and on governance and other costs.

For a detailed breakdown of Plan UK's income and expenditure, see our latest Trustees' Annual Report and Accounts.

What we spent last year

Last year, Plan UK’s total expenditure was £63.5 million of which £53.8 million was spent on programme work.

Keeping our costs low

Programme delivery is carried out through country and field offices in 50 countries by Plan Inc. Plan UK and the other Plan National Organisations provide funding and technical assistance for these programmes, which each year make a difference for millions of children, their families and their communities.

This structure allows us to invest as much money in development projects as possible, while keeping costs low.

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