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Fundraising and spending

A significant proportion of our income is from supporters who sponsor children. We also receive donations and grants.

Plan UK income
  Income 2010-11 breakdown
  Blue Sponsorship - 45%
  Yellow Grants from official bodies - 37%
  Green Donations and appeals - 18%

Our income last year

Last year, Plan UK’s income was £56.4 million, with £25.3 million from child sponsorship and £31.1 million from other sources, including £20.9 million from grants.

Last year, Plan’s global income was EUR591.4 million (c.£531m), with EUR353.4 million (c.£317m) from child sponsorship. EUR238 million (c.£214m) was received from other sources, including EUR139.7 million (c.£126m) from grants.

Child sponsorship

A significant proportion of our income is from child sponsorship. These regular donations allow us to plan and carry out long-term development projects, as well as to respond to emergencies. Find out more about the difference child sponsorship makes.

Donations and grants

We have hundreds of enthusiastic supporters helping us raise money for our work through fundraising challenges and events and through donations. We also receive grants and donations from corporate supporters and from trusts, foundations and institutional donors.

How we spend funds

At least 80p in every pound of our expenditure is spent on supporting and delivering our development work to improve the lives of children and communities in the world’s poorest countries. The rest is spent on maintaining an international network of support staff, and on fundraising to facilitate our development work.

Plan UK expenditure
  Expenditure 2013 graphic
  Blue Development work - 82%
  Yellow Fundraising and admin - 18%

For a detailed breakdown of Plan UK’s income and expenditure, see our latest Trustees' Annual Report and Accounts.

What we spent last year

Last year, Plan UK’s total expenditure was £55.2 million of which £45.6 million was spent on programme work.

Worldwide, Plan International spent Eur623 million (c.£531m), with Eur487.5 million (c.£415m) spent on programme work.

Keeping our costs low

Money raised through Plan UK and the other Plan offices is allocated by Plan Inc to our programmes in developing countries. This structure allows us to invest as much money in development projects as possible, while keeping costs low.

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