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How we work

Our approach

Children are at the heart of everything we do.

Plan has seen how children’s participation and putting children’s interests at the centre of their own development helps break the cycle of child poverty.

Our child-centred and community-led approach is a rights-based approach in which children, their families and communities are active and leading participants in their own development.

Listening to what children have to say about their rights, needs and concerns is key to this approach. We encourage and help children to take an active role in finding solutions to their problems and realising their full potential.

Our vision

Our vision is to strive for a world in which all children realise their full potential in societies that respect people’s rights and dignities.

Our strategy

Our strategy will enable us to connect people and ideas more effectively, whilst simultaneously mobilising the forces and resources required to create opportunities and lasting change, with and for the world’s poorest children.

Our personalised, grassroots-level approach to development and advocacy will put the voices of our beneficiaries at the heart of our work. The unique connections that we facilitate with our supporters, funders, global partners, opinion formers and world leaders will ensure we can build a better future with the children we exist to empower.

In our relentless pursuit of child rights, we will work together to enhance our efficiency, accountability and impact.

To achieve this, we have prioritised five strategic goals to guide our work to 2020:

  1. Concentrate our child-centred community development on five core themes, with a special focus on adolescent girls.

    • Protection
    • Education
    • Economic security
    • Sexual and reproductive health and rights
    • Water, sanitation and health

  2. Deepen our disaster risk management capacity.

  3. Further our partnerships with the corporate sector and major private donors, continuing to ensure high quality delivery and value for money.

  4. Refresh our sponsorship and diversify our individual giving.

  5. Build our constituency of support in the UK.

We have agreed on three essential conditions for our work to be successful, namely:

  • We make the most of digital technology.
  • We underpin our goals with our commitment to gender equality and meaningful youth participation.
  • We depend on a dedicated and highly skilled Plan UK team and will provide an enabling working environment with a culture of openness, innovation and continued learning. 

This strategy will guide the development of our rolling annual business planning process over the coming years, which will set the specific targets and metrics for our work. It will be reviewed annually as part of our business planning process, and updated as necessary. It is aligned with the global strategy for Plan International.

By concentrating on our five strategic goals, and underlining our focus on adolescent girls and gender equality within our wider commitment to all children’s rights, we will continue to build our support for children and young people to move from poverty to lives of opportunity.

Our commitments

  • At least 85p in every pound donated is spent on supporting and delivering our development work.
  • We’re accountable first and foremost to the children and communities we work with, and to the sponsors and donors who make that work possible. It’s very important to us that everything we do is open and honest.
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  • Menstruation. It’s hardly the dinner table talking point. In fact, it’s something many people shy away from or go rosy in the cheeks at the slightest mention. But here at Plan, we’re here to break that taboo because menstruation matters. Menstruation has massive implications on the well-being of women and adolescent girls all over the world. In fact, it has affects women and adolescent girls around 3,500 days of their lifetime.
  • Confined in doors for seven days, banned from using salt in food and missed school classes. Here, nine girls from across world bravely open up about the stigmas and difficulties they faced when they got their first period. Child rights organisation Plan International is working in communities across Asia and Africa to ensure young girls are educated on how to manage their menstrual hygiene. Why? Because menstruation matters. Period.
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  • Events unfolding following Nepal's second earthquake remind us that big earthquakes and aftershocks take a heavy toll on minds of the survivors, especially small children. Impact on the mind are often invisible. Relief efforts should prioritise such emotional needs.

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