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Sponsor a child in East Africa

Sponsor a child in east Africa

We urgently need your support to help the children of East Africa.

Millions of lives are now at risk in East Africa because of severe drought and hunger. Some areas of Ethiopia, Uganda and Kenya haven't had enough rain in over two years. Crops have failed and cattle have died, and millions of poor families have been left with very little to survive on. In all cases children are the most vulnerable. 

This crisis can be turned around – but only with your help.

We urgently need people to sponsor a child and help make a long term difference; giving communities the tools to rebuild their lives and protect themselves from future emergencies.

Sponsor a child now and under the first section ‘I’d like to sponsor a child from’ choose the country where you wish to sponsor a child - such as Kenya, Ethiopia or Uganda.

For just 50 pence a day, you’ll share a personal connection with a child; you’ll get letters and pictures direct from the child you sponsor, plus reports showing you exactly how your donations are improving children’s lives.

See the difference you could make. Sponsor a Child today

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